Federico Rios

Industrial Design

EAP Syringe Pump

I worked with Bayer MaterialScience and Medrad, Inc. to research, examine, and analyze current medical pumps used for brain cell therapy, where microscopic volumes of low viscosity solutions are delivered to the human brain through extremely thin steel needles. Current medical fluid pumps and other drug delivery devices use traditional motor driven mechanisms, making them bulky and mechanically complex.

I designed a future syringe pump that would incorporate Electroactive Polymer (EAP) technology. EAPs are thin films that provide dynamic movement upon electrical stimulation (and vice versa). They are less complex and therefore provide increased design freedom. Design constraints included the context of use, power usage, accuracy requirements, material compatibility, patient and doctor safety, and biocompatibility. I made handheld prototypes, 3D models, concept renderings and usability scenarios.